Meet Our New Members

Barrier South, LLC

Company Name: Barrier South, LLC

Member's Name: Steve  Melton

Office Phone Number: 843-697-6856

Website Address:

Buildpro Construction LLC

Company Name: Buildpro Construction LLC

Member's Name: Mario Caballero

Office Phone Number: 843-815-2591

Website Address:

DH Abney Company Inc.

Company Name: DH Abney Company Inc.

Member's Name: David Abney

Office Phone Number: 843-683-7873

Website Address:

Engel & Volkers

Company Name: Engel & Volkers

Member's Name: Daniella Squicquero

Office Phone Number: 843-707-2777

Website Address:

Grind Coffee Roasters

Company Name: Grind Coffee Roasters

Member's Name: Ian Duncan

Office Phone Number: (843) 580-1882

Website Address:

Group 4 Builders

Company Name: Group 4 Builders

Member's Name: Jack Resnick

Office Phone Number: 843-422-6925

Website Address:

Hahn's Air Specialists

Company Name: Hahn's Air Specialists

Member's Name: David Hahn

Office Phone Number: 843-683-4242

Website Address:

Imperial Gas Piping LLC

Company Name: Imperial Gas Piping LLC

Member's Name: Vincent Mucci Jr.

Office Phone Number: 843-422-3955

Website Address:

Leonard Mink Tree Service

Company Name: Leonard Mink Tree Service

Member's Name: Leonard Mink

Office Phone Number: (843) 422-7224

Website Address:

Live Oak Electrical Services

Company Name: Live Oak Electrical Services

Member's Name: Mike Namdar

Office Phone Number: 843-505-7015

Website Address:

Luna Roofing

Company Name: Luna Roofing

Member's Name: Juan Luna

Office Phone Number: 843-247-5444

Website Address:

MAHE Coastal Homes, LLC

Company Name: MAHE Coastal Homes, LLC

Member's Name: Jeremy Herrington

Office Phone Number: 843-422-8292

Website Address:

Matthews Tile

Company Name: Matthews Tile

Member's Name: Richard  Matthews

Office Phone Number: 843-227-2103

Website Address:

New South Construction Supply, LLC

Company Name: New South Construction Supply, LLC

Member's Name: Steve Melton

Office Phone Number: 843-784-1580

Website Address:

Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens

Company Name: Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens

Member's Name: Kenneth Good

Office Phone Number: 843-815-3663

Website Address:

South State Bank

Company Name: South State Bank

Member's Name: Maggie Blank

Office Phone Number: (843) 837-1139

Website Address:

South State Bank

Company Name: South State Bank

Member's Name: Janice Robinson

Office Phone Number: (843) 815-4770

Website Address:


Company Name: Spectrum

Member's Name: Erick Dunn

Office Phone Number: 843-227-4942

Website Address:

Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head

Company Name: Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head

Member's Name: Bryan Cooler

Office Phone Number: 843-815-4444

Website Address:

Superior Operating Systems

Company Name: Superior Operating Systems

Member's Name: James Worix

Office Phone Number: 843-227-8110

Website Address:

The Curated Life

Company Name: The Curated Life

Member's Name: Autumn Kirk

Office Phone Number: 843-415-2982

Website Address:

Thomas & Reel Engineering Consultants, Inc

Company Name: Thomas & Reel Engineering Consultants, Inc

Member's Name: Michael Thomas

Office Phone Number: 912-920-0950

Website Address:

U.S. Health Advisors

Company Name: U.S. Health Advisors

Member's Name: Jackie Joy

Office Phone Number: 1-800-593-5872

Website Address: