Q: What is a Spike/Spike Credit?
A: Spike credits are what you receive when you recruit a new member to your local association or sponsor a retaining member. For each Builder/Associate Member you recruit, you receive 1 Spike Credit and for each Affiliate member you recruit, you receive 1/2 Spike Credit. During NAHB-sanctioned membership drives, you can receive up to double or triple spike credits depending on your local's participation level during the year!

Q: What is the Spike Club?
A: The Spike Club is an elite, NAHB-affiliated group composed of the most involved and connected HBA Members throughout the United States. 

Q: How do I become a Spike Club member? 
A: After you receive 6 Spike Credits, you are a member of the Spike Club. Spike Credits are earned through member recruitment and retention. Being a Spike Club Member entitles you to accolades throughout the year for your recruitment efforts, an invitation to the Spike Appreciation Party at the International Builders' Show* and more! 

* Eligibility postcards are sent only to eligible Spikes who have at least six credits and one new member
recruitment credit between Nov. 1 of the previous year and Oct. 31 of the current year. For example, if a Spike
who otherwise meets the attendance criteria recruits a new member in December 2015, this will satisfy the new
member recruitment criteria and s/he will be eligible to attend the 2017 Spike Party. 

Q: What members of the Hilton Head Area HBA are members of the Spike Club?

Hilton Head Area HBA Top Ten Spike Club Members

1. Bob Tanner-Norman Contracting
2. Denny Fraser-The Fraser Law Firm, LLC
3. Marc Ellis-Ellis Construction Co., Inc.
4. Allen Patterson-Allen Patterson Residential LLC
5. Dan Monroe-LowCountry Home Magazine
6. Randy Jeffcoat-Randy Jeffcoat Builders
7. Jim Kenny-Hagood Homes of the Lowcountry
8. Ed Byrd-Southeastern Insurance Consultants, LLC
9. Frank Guidobono-Cambridge Building Corp.
10. Tom Peeples-Tom Peeples Builder

Q: Where can I learn more about the NAHB Spike Club? 
A: Visit the NAHB website's Spike Club Page to learn more about becoming a member!